Hard to believe, but yes it really is 10 years this week since RLK Partnerships was registered. Time really does fly when you are having fun and we have had lots of good times and hopefully many more to come. Thanks to everyone we have worked with and especially our associates delivering based on our principles and values. Special thanks to Alex for keeping us on track – a constant over the 10 years!

This is my original strap line from 10 years ago – you will see it on my email signature, pens and documents:

“RLK Partnerships – working with people and organisations that have a passion for what they do, helping clients find ways to make their passion work as a sustainable business.”

Has that happened?

Yes it has. Along the way we have worked with so many great people and organisations, never dull, often hectic but always interesting in one way or another! Over 300 local clients from VCSEs, SMEs, Local Authorities, NHS and housing.

What have we learned along the way?

We have learnt so much from the organisations we have supported – their insight and knowledge of services on the ground is often not recognised but is key to solving some of the complex challenges we face at the moment.

Our success can only be measured by the impact we have on organisations – it’s not about our individual activities – that’s short term outputs focussed on us. The important outcomes are long term and measured by the changes demonstrated in the organisations we work with.

It’s all about delivering change and that takes time. Developing long term, trusted relationships with organisations and understanding their motivations. We work with public, private and VCSE groups, but at the end of the day it is the motivation behind the organisation/individuals that matter most, not the structure or legal form.

So, what for the next ten years?

Still lots going on but we will be putting more time into research and reflection to share the learning from our work. Giving back and contributing to solving some of the complex challenges we face at the moment. Currently we are:

  • Entering the third year of supporting the local CCG VCSE Grant programme – supporting over 60 grant holders and the grant team to promote and develop the social model of health.
  • Working with local domiciliary care organisations on the development of their newly formed Community Interest Company, enabling them to work collaboratively in solving the challenges they are facing.
  • Continuing to support the development and growth of the eHealth Cluster for the Liverpool City Region, bringing together Technology, Health and Social Care organisations in a new model of cluster working.
  • Working with Liverpool City Region Adult Social Care commissioners as they start to work together more closely.

So, not driven by projects or outputs …just independent thinking bringing together all the learning and great people we have worked with, that is what we do best and look forward to doing more of. If you want to know more, please do get in touch, we are always happy to share.