RLK Partnerships

Rosemary Kay set up RLK Partnerships in 2007 to help people and organisations address challenges and change in sustainable ways.

Rosemary could see that many small organisations did not have access to good quality business support. She also knew that public bodies needed help to engage better and collaborate with VCSE (Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise) organisations and SMEs.

Rosemary wanted to change things and do things differently.

Since 2007, RLK Partnerships has supported a wide range of people and organisations from the private, public and VCSE sectors.

We’ve delivered practical business support through innovative programmes including

  • Liverpool City Region eHealth Cluster
  • Liverpool City Council SME Procurement Support programme
  • Merseyforest Natural Health Service Collaboration
  • Liverpool Care Home Partnership
  • NAVCA Tender Support programme
  • Liverpool PCT Third Sector Support programme

We’ve helped social care providers to start talking to the NHS, SMEs to profile their business in new markets and eHealth companies to engage with service users. We’ve helped small organisations to demonstrate the impact of their services to the right people, and commissioners to engage effectively with local suppliers.

During this time, we have developed a unique approach, tools and techniques that recognise and respond to the strengths of small and social businesses.


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