We support people and organisations that make a difference.

We help small organisations to turn their passion into a sustainable businesses.

We help public bodies to engage better and collaborate with VCSE (Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise) organisations and SMEs. We connect public sector commissioners with small and innovative suppliers.

Supported Organisations

Click below to see examples of the wide range of organisations that we have supported across sectors.

Public Sector Organisations

Public Sector Organisations Services Provided
Liverpool City Council
  • SME Procurement Support Programme – supporting 49 local SMEs and working with Merseyside Procurement Officers
  • Support for collaborative working between User Led Organisations
  • Support for collaborative working between 12 BME Organisations delivering Health and Wellbeing Initiatives
  • Development support for Care Home Partnership as part of iNnovation Network – supporting Liverpool based Care Homes to work collaboratively
  • Engagement of Domiciliary Care organisations, incorporating technology within services
Liverpool Vision
  • Supporting 35 SMEs under the Merseyside Business support Programme in tendering, understanding routes to market and impact measurement
Liverpool PCT
  • Supporting VCSE organisations working with the PCT in terms of demonstrating health outcomes and developing sustainable business models
Open University Business School
  • Associate Lecturer on MBA entrepreneurship module and NHS Leadership Academy
  • Ran pilot of standalone entrepreneurship module
  • Production of case studies for entrepreneurship course materials
Social Investment Business
  • Support to grant holder
National Museums Liverpool
  • Strategic Planning
NHS Informatics Merseyside
  • Consultancy Support on developing SME Procurement Framework for NHS Organisations
Liverpool CCG (VCSE Engagement Support)
  • Demand led support to grant holders and engagement programme
Liverpool CCG (More Independent eHealth Custer Support)
  • Strategic support, SME business support and development of eHealth Cluster

Other Support Organisations

Other Support Organisations Services Provided
Merseyside Social Enterprise Network
  • Cross sector working support under Transforming Local Infrastructure (TLIF) Programme
  • Social Value Strategy
South Sefton Development Trust
  • Business Support via Confederation of Social Entrepreneurs and eHealth Cluster
  • Procurement and tendering support to VCSEs
Confederation of Social Entrepreneurs
  • Delivery of Business Support
Plus Dane Housing
  • Project Evaluation

Private Sector Organisations

Private Sector Organisations Services Provided
Home Carers Liverpool
  • Business Planning
  • Engagement with NHS Commissioners
  • Grant Funding
  • Collaborative Working
Merseycare JulieAnn
  • Incorporating technology into services
  • tendering support
  • Engagement with NHS Commissioners
  • Collaborative Working
  • Engagement with Technology Providers
U5 Care Services
  • Incorporating technology into services
  • tendering support
  • Engagement with NHS Commissioners
  • Collaborative Working
  • Engagement with Technology Providers
Red Ninja
  • Engagement with Care Providers
  • Operational Support
Edge Three Sixty
  • Engagement with Commissioners
  • Collaborative Working
POSH Solutions
  • Engagement with Commissioners
  • Collaborative Working
  • Engagement with Technology Providers
  • Engagement with Commissioners
  • Collaborative Working
Denteeth Ltd
  • Engagement with Commissioners
Studio Mashbo
  • Engagement with Commissioners and Funders
  • Tendering Support
Hear Ear Ltd
  • Defining Routes to Market
  • Business Planning
  • Procurement support
  • Introductions to Care Home sector
Wellmade Studios
  • Collaborative Working
  • Engagement with Care Providers
Knowsley Lift Services
  • Cross Sector Collaborations
  • NHS and Social Care Engagement
  • Engagement with Technology Providers
Knowledge Powered Solutions
  • NHS and Social Care Engagement
North Liverpool Construction
  • Tendering Support
  • Engagement with Local Authority
A A Molyneux Builders Ltd.
  • Tendering Support
  • Engagement with Local Authority
Eclipse Cleaning
  • Tendering Support
Redholme Memory Care
  • Collaborative working
  • Engagement with Technology Providers
Autumn Lodge Care Home
  • Collaborative working
  • Engagement with Technology Providers
Hair Fairy Wigs
  • NHS Procurement Support
  • Engagement with Commissioners
Vale Decorators
  • Tendering Support
  • Engagement with Public Bodies
BYA Limited
  • Tendering Support
  • Engagement with Public Bodies
Citrus Suite
  • Engagement with community organisations
  • Engagement with Public Bodies
Peter Fearon, Film director/producer
  • Engagement with Public Bodies
  • Operational Support

VCSE (Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise)

VCSE (Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise) Services Provided
Liverpool Care Home Partnership CIC
  • Developing new ways of working, Engagement with NHS Commissioners,
Liverpool Domiciliary Care Providers CIC
  • Developing new ways of working, Engagement with NHS Commissioners
Squash Nutrition
  • Developing new ways of working, Business Planning
Soul Inspired CIC
  • Access to CCG programmes, Grant funding
Centre 56
  • Business Planning, Feasibility of new services
Mersey Forest, Natural Health Service
  • Collaborative working, Developing new services
Expect Excellence
  • Support on integrating technology within services, Engagement with Technology Providers, collaborative working
Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium (LARC)
  • Collaborative working, Shared Services
Irish Community Care Merseyside
  • Business Planning, Collaborative working, Engagement with NHS Commissioners
Genie In The Gutter
  • Business Planning, Tendering, Collaborative working, Engagement with NHS Commissioners, Promoting Digital Inclusion
Big Love Sista
  • Business Planning, Tendering, Engagement with Commissioners, Project Planning
Chinese Wellbeing
  • Engagement with Technology Providers, Business Planning, Collaborative working
Sanctuary Family Support
  • Engagement with Commissioners, demonstrating health outcomes
Digital Creativity in Disability/Futurecoders
  • Product Development, Manufacturing Planning, eHealth routes to market
Hope Centre, St Helens
  • Business Planning, Project Evaluation
Mary Seacole House
  • Collaborative Working, Business Planning
Calder Valley Club
  • Moving from block contracts to direct payments, Business Planning, Tendering Support
L’Arche Liverpool
  • Business Planning
Crawford House Enterprise Centre
  • Business Planning, Grant Funding
Liverpool Social Care Partnership
  • eHealth, Engagement with Commissioners, Collaborative Working
St. Andrews Community Network
  • Evaluation and Impact Measurement

Case Studies

Calder Valley Club

Calder Valley Club is a charity based in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire.

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When Rosemary began working with Calder Valley Club in 2011, they had been delivering day services for adults with physical disabilities under a rolling contract with their local Council for over 17 years. As a User Led Organisation (ULO), the club and service were led by members attending the Club. The organisation needed help because they now had to tender for their service for the first time.


Through the NAVCA Tender Support programme, RLK Partnerships supported Calder Valley Club through a complex tender process. When it became clear that the service was going to be transferred to a much larger organisation, RLK Partnerships helped Calder Valley Club to radically change their business model and create a membership programme.

This was a huge operational change, but meant that individual members could choose to access and support the service through their Direct Payments. This helped Calder Valley Club to continue its day service for adults with physical disabilities for a further two years, before members themselves decided to close the service in 2014.

Calder Valley Club still operates as a small charity, but no longer runs the day service. Rosemary continues to support them on a pro bono basis as a Trustee and Treasurer as they find new ways to support local people.

“Rosemary and I worked together to help Calder Valley Club. Rosemary is a skilled consultant, who against all the odds helped this organisation to become sustainable and hold true to its values. She’s truly inspiring.”

Sian Lockwood, Chief Executive Community Catalysts CIC

Hair Fairy Wigs

Hair Fairy Wigs supports people who have lost their hair either through medical treatment or from conditions such as Alopecia.

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Providing a professional and personal service, Hair Fairy Wigs runs an online store and a stylish salon. They also work directly with cancer support groups and run regular Look Good Feel Better events.


Tracy Potter, the founder of Hair Fairy Wigs, understands the trauma of hair loss from personal experience. She offers her clients a personal insight into hair loss and shares valuable information on how to manage their individual situation.

Hair Fairy Wigs had been supplying to the NHS as a subcontractor, but wanted to supply directly and reach more people who needed their service and support. However, they had no experience of procurement processes and were finding the NHS tender process complex and daunting.

Through the Merseyside Business Support programme, RLK Partnerships helped Hair Fairy Wigs to navigate the complexities of tendering to the NHS, complete the tender documentation and become an approved supplier for the NHS Supplies framework.

“Without the help, advice and guidance I got from RLK Partnerships, I don’t think we’d have been successful, Rosemary devoted a lot of time to supporting me on a one-to-one basis, and her professionalism and knowledge made all the difference”

John Potter, Managing Director

Hear Ear

Hear Ear is a securing clip for BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aids. It is designed to stop people losing or damaging their hearing aids.

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Hear Ear is a securing clip for BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aids. It is designed to stop people losing or damaging their hearing aids.

Hear Ear inventor Barbara Lawrence was inspired by her 90 year-old mum, who had already lost four NHS hearing aids. Barbara’s mum has dementia and lives in a care home, but feels socially included when she is able to hear – and socially excluded if her hearing aid is lost. Barbara researched her idea with NHS staff and found that hearing aid loss was a common problem. It costs the NHS significant amounts of money and staff time searching for lost hearing aids.

Barbara developed a prototype of Hear Ear for her mum. It worked – Barbara’s mum hasn’t lost her hearing aid once in over fourteen months.

Barbara wants to supply Hear Ear directly to health and social care organisations. Through the Mi eHealth Cluster Business Assistance programme, RLK Partnerships helped Hear Ear to develop their business plan and access potential routes to market.

“Rosemary has given me invaluable support in helping to launch my business. She has introduced me to business colleagues who have helped me to prepare my submission to NHS Supply Chain for procurement of the device and given me the opportunity to present my business to care home managers. Her knowledge, expertise and encouragement have been essential to progress my business venture as an SME.” Barbara Lawrence, Director of Hear Ear Audiology Ltd

St Andrews Community Network

St Andrew’s Community Network is an independent charity, based in the Clubmoor area of Liverpool.

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St Andrew’s Community Network works in Clubmoor, one of the most deprived areas in the UK, providing services, activities and events that include debt advice, a food bank, and a range of wellbeing support groups.

In 2015 RLK Partnerships undertook an impact evaluation to look at the difference they had made to the local community, against their original vision of ‘Changing lives, building relationships and transforming our community’.

Working with their team, we gathered together existing statistics, information and feedback from all aspects of their services in the past three years, and supplemented this by holding focus groups and collecting case studies. Over a period of four weeks, an evaluation report was compiled, with analysis of existing data, collation of qualitative data, identification of relevant benchmarking value data, and identification of highlights.

While undertaking the evaluation, we noted a need for improved and more consistent monitoring and evaluation of services, so we followed this up with a workshop with staff and volunteers, where we clarified and agreed their outcome measurement criteria and methods, to carry forward into the future.

This work was partly funded directly by St Andrews Community Network, with specific activities funded through Liverpool CCH Health Liverpool Community Grants programme, and Liverpool Vision.

“We love the report and think you’ve done well given the time and information to hand.” Kevin Peacock, Chief Executive

More to come